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Participate at the survey !
The survey with high local-global butterfly effect potential,
for the introduction of a new local socio-economy and finance model !

Download the present Table-File, Version Survey for a New Socio-economy Model
Apply it also to any geo-territory of your choice.
"Save the world, spread the word" !

The whole Range of Networks
and separately Each World Societal Holding Network,
with webpages, table-files, presentation-files and multicriteria database,
is object of

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* Panergetic Analyses > Panergetic Prices
* Sharing, Re-using, etc.
* Mercantilist De-Growth
* Appropriate Techno-uses, also in ICT
* e-Rationalization
* Complementarry Clustering
* Surveys, Audits and Enquiries, Polls and Petitions, ...
* Related Corporate StS-Projects
* Societal Street Surveys
* Societal Entities Societal Audits
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StSNmr: 12 - StSTop: ari - StSFil: mc0106.ari.wrd
Date: 10.06.2020
Authors: SocietalSystem-Editors
Contact e-Mail:

NrStSTopStSFilTitle Remarks


1.1   General Syllabus Général, World Societal Holding, World Network
Program Training Societal Socio-economy, World Network
School Programs for the preparation of Socio-economy Projects, World Network


1.2 azr

Societal Audits  Local Socio-economy Entities, World Network
1.3pxvsv0121Street and Roads Societal Surveys on Local Socio-economy, World Network
1.4 xdq

School Projects on Local Socio-economy, World Network
1.5 mbx

Regional Expo-Congresses on Local Socio-economy, World Network


Pages Files Links
2.1.1kcnpm3111 Regional Societal Complexes, World Network 
2.1.2acugb0025 Network Local Societal StS-Centers, World Network
2.1.3kxaaa7915 Local Personal Coaching Poles, World Network
Network Local Monuments, World Network
2.1.4bkqaat0143 Network Residential e-Clusters, World Network
2.1.5xpcgs0103 Network "eGloc Shops" Exchange Shops, World Network
2.1.6kcdgb7000 Network Societal Conferences Rooms, World Network
2.1.7acwpm1193School-Villages, World Network
2.1.8adkpm2202Expo-Villages, World Network
2.1.9 ktax
Surviving Villages, World Network
2.1.10 kqg
Naturist Villages, World Network
2.1.11kyvpm0111Local Agencies Nature and Environnement, World Network
2.1.12kwdpm1180Local Agencies Social Affairs, World Network
2.1.13kywpm1181Local Agencies Real Estate, World Network
2.1.14kyxpm1182Local Agencies Societal Inestment, World Network
2.1.15kyzpm1183Local Agencies dSocietal Work and Jobs, World Network
2.1.16kwepm1184Local Agencies Societal Events, World Network
2.1.17kwfpm1185Local Agencies Bookings and Reservations, World Network
2.1.18kwgpm1186Local Agencies Travel and Tourism, World Network
2.1.19kwhpm1187Local Agencies Societal Finance and eGlocs Exchanges, World Network
2.1.20kzupm11977Rural Centers Coaching and Incubation Micro-Entities, World Network
2.1.21lzupm2412Local Agencies North-South-South, World Network
2.1.22 vsx
Local Visualization Units, World Network
2.1.23 pcf
Convivial Green Streets, World Network
Surviving Warehouses, World Network
Transit Warehouses North-South Past-Present, World Network

2.2.1kqppm0110 Local Palm Crafts Shops, World Network
2.2.2ksgpm1101 Local Carpentries, World Network
2.2.3ksspm1102 Local Electro Shops, World Network
2.2.4kygpm1103 Local Bicycle Shops, World Network
2.2.5ksrpm1106 Local Convivial Crafts Ateliers, World Network
2.2.6kyepm1108 Local Construction Units, World Network
2.2.7kqbpm1138 Local Bazars, World Network
2.2.8kkfepm1139 Hostels and Guest Houses, World Network
2.2.9ksppm1140 Local Health Units, World Network
2.2.10kswpm1142 Local Laundries, World Network
2.2.11kxlpm1143 Local Second Hand Shops, World Network
2.2.12ksypm1144 Local Shops of Local Food, World Network
2.2.13ksopm1145 Local Public Spaces Maintenance Units, World Network
2.2.14ksqpm1146 Local CarShare Units, World Network
2.2.15kshpm1147 Local Trees Units, World Network
2.2.16ksjpm1148 Local Water Units, World Network
2.2.17ksnpm1150 Local Sanitaries, World Network
2.2.18ksupm1153 Local ParaMedical Units, World Network
2.2.19kmlpm1154 Local Organic Composting Units, World Network
2.2.20ksmpm1155 Local Dmall and Medium Agriculture Units, World Network
2.2.21ksvpm1157 Local Kids Houses, World Network
2.2.22kdopm1160 Local Museums of Local Objects, World Network
2.2.23ksepm1161 Local Sports Units, World Network
2.2.24kbepm1163 Local Bio-Gardens, World Network
2.2.25kudpm1164 Local Youth Houses Age 9-12, World Network
2.2.26kslpm1165 Local Seniors Houses, World Network
2.2.27kydpm1166 Local Convivial Restaurants, World Network
2.2.28kstpm1167 Local Home Service Units, World Network
2.2.29ksbpm1168 Local Techno-Ateliers, World Network
2.2.30kszpm1169 Local Rest Points, World Network
2.2.31ksxpm1510 Local Open Theaters, World Network
2.2.32ksipm1512 Local Waste Units, World Network
2.2.33kucpm1172 Local Fishing Units, World Network
2.2.34kuepm1174 Local Manual Transport Units, World Network
2.2.35kqm wv0101 Local Spinning and Weaving Units, World Network
2.2.36kzb gb7003 Local Societal Accommodation Units, World Network
2.2.37kugpm1175 Local Youth Houses Age 15-18, World Network
2.2.38kuhpm1176 Local Youth Houses Age12-15, World Network
2.2.39kzxpm1514Local Apiculture Units, World Network
2.2.40kzzpm2401Locaux Aluminium Shops, World Network
2.2.41ktppm1179Local Hammams, World Network
2.2.42kwkpm1193Residential Centers for Seniors, World Network
2.2.43kwlpm1524Local Dispensaries, World Network
2.2.44kwnpm1523Youth Animation Centers, World Network
2.2.45lzgpm1521Kids Animation Centers, World Network
2.2.46lzjpm2402Local Rural Museums, World Network
2.2.47lzlpm2403Hairdressers, World Network
2.2.48lzmpm2404Groceries, World Network
2.2.49lznpm2405Cafés, World Network
2.2.50lzopm2406Copy and Printing Shops, World Network
2.2.51lzppm2407Book Shops, World Network
2.2.52lzqpm2408Herbanists, World Network
2.2.53lzrpm2409Hardware Shops, World Network
2.2.54lzspm2410Garden Centers, World Network
2.2.55lztpm2411Taxi Services, World Network
2.2.55 kzq
Local Bakeries, World Network

Rural Campusses, World Network
2.101khypm1195Rural Residential Training Centers, World Network
2.102kwjpm1192Rural Training Centers Unemployed People, World Network
2.103kwmpm1194Rural Training Centers Arts, World Network
2.104plqpm1198Rural Training Centers Multimedia, World Network

2.105lzvpm2413Rural Centers Residentiel for Seniors, World Network
2.106lzapm1515Rural Training Centers Public Maintenance, World Network
2.107lzbpm1516Rural Training Centers Basic Health Care, World Network
2.108lzepm1519Rural Training Centers Landscaping, World Network
2.109lzipm1525Rural Training Centers Bread and Pastry, World Network
2.110lzkpm2420Rural Training Centers Bio-Gardening, World Network


Diagonal Networks - All Networks of e-Region

World Societal Holding, Finance General, World Diagonal Network

arigab zg0102 World Societal Holding, Accounting General, World Diagonal Network
arigac zg0103 World Societal Holding, Insurance General, World Diagonal Network
arigad zg0104 World Societal Holding, eGloc General, World Diagonal Network
arigae zg0105 World Societal Holding, Communication General, World Diagonal Network
arigaf zg0106 World Societal Holding, Panergetic Pricing General, World Diagonal Network
arigag zg0107 World Societal Holding, Legal Aspects General, World Diagonal Network
arigah zg0108 World Societal Holding, Investment General, World Diagonal Network
arigai zg0109 World Societal Holding, Training General, World Diagonal Network
arigaj zg0110 World Societal Holding, ICT General, World Diagonal Network
arigak zg0111 World Societal Holding, Internet Hosting General, World Diagonal Network


Horizontal Networks - per Network or Groups of Networks of e-Region

World Societal Holding, Finance Specific General, World Horizontal Network

arihab xg0102 World Societal Holding, Accounting Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihac xg0103 World Societal Holding, Insurance Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihad xg0104 World Societal Holding, eGloc Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihae xg0105 World Societal Holding, Communication Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihaf xg0106 World Societal Holding, Panergetic Pricing Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihag xg0107 World Societal Holding, Legal Aspects Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihah xg0108 World Societal Holding, Investment Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihai xg0109 World Societal Holding, Training Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihaj xg0110 World Societal Holding, ICT Specific, World Horizontal Network
arihak xg0111 World Societal Holding, Internet Hosting General, World Horizontal Network
arihal xg0112 World Societal Holding, Software Specific, World Horizontal Network
ariham xg0113 World Societal Holding, Energy Supply Specific, World Horizontal Network

 World Societal Holding Applications to Societal Entities
5.1 asa
Applications World Societal Holding Public Institutions, World Network

5.2 asb
Applications World Societal Holding Enterprises, World Network

5.3 ase
Applications World Societal Holding NonProfit Organizations, World Network

5.4 asd
Applications World Societal Holding Citizens, World Network

5.5 asj
Applications World Societal Holding Schools, World Network

5.5 zsb
Applications World Societal Holding Media, World Network


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