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General Syllabus, WorldSocietalHoldingHolding, World Network 
Series Didactic Modules WorldSocietalHoldingHolding, World Network 
A series of Modules per Network file.
Conviviale Socio-economy Training Programs, World Network 
School Programmes for the Preparation of Convivial Socio--economy Projects and Entities, World Network 

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aa9625.wrdOrganization of Surveys at the Population on Network Local Micro-Entities, World Network

sv0121.wrdSee also: Street Surveys, World Network
sp0102.wrdOrganization of School Projects on Network Local Micro-Entities, World Network
aa9824.wrdOrganization of Fairs on Network Local Micro-Entities, World Network


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2.1.1acu.wrdgb0025.wrd Network Local Societal WorldSocietalHolding-Centers, World Network
2.1.2kqh.wrdaa7916.wrd Network Local Convivial Campusses, World Network
2.1.3kxa.wrdaa7915.wrd Network Local Personal Pools, World Network
2.1.4kqa.wrdat0143.wrd Network Local Residential e-Clusters, World Network
2.1.5xpc.wrdgs0103.wrd Network Local GlocoShops, World Network
2.1.6 kcd.wrdgb7000.wrd Network Local 3-Screen Conference Rooms, World Network

2.2.2ksg.wrdpm1101.wrd Network Local Wood Shops, World Network
2.2.3kss.wrdpm1102.wrd Network Local Electro Shops, World Network
2.2.4kyg.wrdpm1103.wrd Network Local Bicycle Shops, World Network
2.2.5ksr.wrdpm1106.wrd Network Local Convivial Crafts Shops, World Network
2.2.6kye.wrdpm1108.wrd Network Local Construction Units, World Network
2.2.7kqb.wrdpm1138.wrd Network Local Bazars, World Network
2.2.8kfe.wrdpm1139.wrd Network Local Guest Houses and Rooms, World Network
2.2.9ksp.wrdpm1140.wrd Network Local Health Units, World Network
2.2.10ksw.wrdpm1142.wrd Network Local Laundries, World Network
2.2.11kxl.wrdpm1143.wrd Network Local Second Hand Shops, World Network
2.2.12ksy.wrdpm1144.wrd Network Local Food Shops of Local Food, World Network
2.2.13kso.wrdpm1145.wrd Network Local Units Public Spaces Maintenance, World Network
2.2.14ksq.wrdpm1146.wrd Network Local CarShare Units, World Network
2.2.15ksh.wrdpm1147.wrd Network Local Nurseries, World Network
2.2.16ksj.wrdpm1148.wrd Network Local Water Units, World Network
2.2.17 ksn.wrd pm1150.wrd Network Local Sanitaries, World Network
2.2.18ksu.wrdpm1153.wrd Network Local ParaMedical Units, World Network
2.2.19kml.wrdpm1154.wrd Network Local Composting Units, World Network
2.2.20ksm.wrdpm1155.wrd Network Local Agriculture Units, World Network
2.2.21ksv.wrdpm1157.wrd Network Local Homes for Children, World Network
2.2.22kdo.wrdpm1160.wrd Network Local Museums, World Network
2.2.23kse.wrdpm1161.wrd Network Local Sports Units, World Network
2.2.24kbe.wrdpm1163.wrd Network Local Bio-Agriculture Gardens, World Network
2.2.25kud.wrdpm1164.wrd Network Local Homes for Youth 9-12, World Network
2.2.26ksl.wrdpm1165.wrd Network Local Homes for Seniors, World Network
2.2.27kyd.wrdpm1166.wrd Network Local Convivial Kitchen-Restaurants, World Network
2.2.28kst.wrdpm1167.wrd Network Local Domestic Services Units, World Network
2.2.29ksb.wrdpm1168.wrd Network Local Techno-Shops, World Network
2.2.30ksz.wrdpm1169.wrd Network Local Green Rest Areas, World Network
2.2.31ksx.wrdpm1510.wrd Network Local Open Air Theaters, World Network
2.2.32ksi.wrdpm1512.wrd Network Local Waste Units, World Network
2.2.33kug.wrdpm1175.wrd Network Local Homes for Youth 15-18, World Network
2.2.34kuc.wrdpm1172.wrd Network Local Fishing Units, World Network
2.2.35kue.wrdpm1174.wrd Network Local Units for Non-Motorized Transport, World Network
2.2.36kuh.wrdpm1176.wrd Network Local Homes for Youth 12-15, World Network
2.2.37kzb.wrd gb7003.wrd Network Local Accommodation Units with Societal Programs, World Network

3.1 asa.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for Public Institutions, World Network

3.2 asb.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for Entreprises, World Network

3.3 ase.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for NonProfit Organizations, World Network

3.4 asd.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for Citizens, World Network

3.5 asj.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for Schools, World Network

3.6 zsb.wrd
Applications WorldSocietalHoldingHolding for Media, World Network


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